International Student Barometer for VU Students

International Student Barometer for VU Students
VU University Amsterdam always works on improving services for students to make sure you are having an amazing international learning experience. Student views about VU are therefore very important to us. The International Student Barometer (ISB) is a worldwide online survey that assists us in finding out what we’re doing right and where we can make improvements. And of course it gives students the chance to tell us what they think.

What improvements have we made already?
Career Services
One of the elements we have improved at VU, based on student views, are our Career Services. VU already invests in Career Services for a couple of years. However, due to the current economic climate we noticed that students need and expect  more support from VU and would like to gain more in depth information to make career plans. By renewing our Career Strategy and developing more activities in this field, we hope to meet your wishes. So, what is new:
– Workshops ‘How to write your CV;
– Interview Training;
– Business tour on Zuidas, the international business district of Amsterdam;
– International Career Event with a full day of workshops, presentations and a job fair.

Soon more information to be found on our Facebook Page.

How do you help us improve our services and compete for prizes?
As stated earlier, your views count! So, if you are a VU student, please take the time to fill out the ISB questionnaire you received last week, and will receive again this Wednesday the 4th of December. To thank you for helping us, a €1000,- cash prize will be given away amongst respondents worldwide. VU University also gives away an IPad amongst VU respondents. The prize winner of the Ipad will be announced during the ‘borrel’ on the 19th of December at the VU International Office. The official invitation will be send in a later stage. Please, keep in mind you have until Friday the 6th of December to fill out the survey (and win prizes!).

We are looking forward to meet you – at the ‘borrel’ and during one of our Career Activities in 2014!

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