Resources for Research in the Netherlands

Did you just arrive in the Netherlands and are you looking for a PhD or for funds and some assistance? Are you thinking about a Scientific Research Career? Maybe this small selection of hyperlinks can help you with your search! Continue reading

7 Tips for Scientific Writing

Are you starting to think about your official Master’s thesis? Or maybe you are one of our alumni that continued with a Phd? And you don’t want to waste your time? Then maybe the 7 secret tips for Academic Writing of Elfriede Krauth, former Assistant Professor for the Course Business Processes at VU University Amsterdam, can help you out a bit and even make the difference.

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21 Job Apps for New Graduates

Just throw your Smartphone or tablet into your backpack and go, knowing these 20 apps have all your job hunting needs covered“. Best Colleges Online presents a useful summary of the 20 best apps for job searcher graduates. I just want to share this list with you because, once you are in the final stage of your Master’s studies, you will start looking for the next step to take…. Continue reading

Towards Amsterdam Smart Capital

The business development of the Amsterdam metropolis is one of the goals of ABRI, a research institute founded by the faculty of Economics and Business of VU University Amsterdam. A month ago ABRI (Amsterdam Business Research Institute) together with the Amsterdam Innovation Motor (AIM) and the Amsterdam Economic Board organized a round table session with business leaders and leaders of research. The aim of the meeting was to explore and further shape the research agenda for business development of the Amsterdam metropolis, contributing to AIM’s goal for Amsterdam to become a top European city by 2020. Continue reading