Studying MSc Marketing at the VU – The road to success

WindmillsAfter finishing my Bachelor degree in “European Business Programme” in Münster (GER) and Portsmouth (UK) in 2010, I decided to undertake an international Master in Marketing. However, the search for an appropriate Master programme wasn’t easy. Through a recommendation I finally found the Marketing programme of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, which seemed to be excellent from an academic point of view. It turned out to be true. Continue reading

6 Steps to Getting the Job

A Call-me CVYour CV is More Than Just Your Academic Record
Its most likely that one of the most common phrases you will hear as a graduate is that academic achievements alone cannot guarantee you a high-flying career. In fact, nothing can guarantee this type of success and it cannot be stressed enough that you need to fill out your CV with extra-curricular activities and work experience in order to demonstrate a number of valuable skills that prospective employers require. Continue reading