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A Call-me CVYour CV is More Than Just Your Academic Record
Its most likely that one of the most common phrases you will hear as a graduate is that academic achievements alone cannot guarantee you a high-flying career. In fact, nothing can guarantee this type of success and it cannot be stressed enough that you need to fill out your CV with extra-curricular activities and work experience in order to demonstrate a number of valuable skills that prospective employers require. Continue reading

TOP 5 LinkedIn tips listed by consulting specialists

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Social networks increasingly represent an important tool for professionals who are seeking work and for employers in the hunt for skilled labor.Social Networks Serve as an ally of the job candidate to draw the attention of companies trying to get a replacement, and to facilitate access to career opportunities that were previously hidden from the knowledge of most people looking for employment opportunities. Continue reading

VU University Amsterdam won me over


Having completed my bachelor degree in London and experiencing an incredible year on the Erasmus program as an exchange student in Spain, I was determined to expand my horizons further and discover a new country while completing my master degree. Dutch universities offered me with top quality education at great value for money. VU University Amsterdam won me over with its high university ranking worldwide, its proximity and links with the Zuidas business and finance district and excellent career prospects. I was truly enthused having learned that inspirational leaders such as Wouter Bos the Finance minister, Jan Peter Belkenend the former Prime Minister and Henk de Vries the CEO of the luxurious yacht making company Feadship had all studied at VU Amsterdam. Furthermore, receiving the VU Fellowship Scholarship was a great achievement for me and it allowed me to focus on my studies without the financial worry. Continue reading