Studying at VU University Amsterdam was one of the best adventures of my life!

I am Ling Sheng and a graduate of 2011 of the Master’s specialization in Financial Management of VU University Amsterdam. Around two years ago, I decided to apply for a Graduate School in the Netherlands. In the beginning, I was not familiar with the Dutch education system. After some research and getting help from the Neso Office in Taipei, I decided to apply for VU University Amsterdam and it’s scholarship programme VU Fellowship. Continue reading

Working in the Netherlands

Hello, I’m Leo, and I’m a graduate from the Master of Finance programme of VU University Amsterdam. After graduation, I decided to work in the Netherlands, and joined an asset manager’s talent programme as a management trainee in 2008. Continue reading

My VU Year

The truth is, VU got me into this…

Alright, no joking, by “this” I mean the internship in ING Investment Management, Taiwan.

It all started, I guess, from me being a Taiwanese who somehow chose to study in Holland, and whose life story has thereafter taken a big turn. I was a Foreign Language & Literature student in a well-known technology university in Taiwan. Supposedly I would graduate in 4 years Continue reading