My experience: VU & Amsterdam

Eduardo Elizondo at Kimberly-Clark May 2013Going to Amsterdam
My name is Eduardo Rogelio Elizondo; I was born in Mexico and studied my bachelor’s degree in the US. I studied an MSc in Business Administration, with a specialization in Management Consulting, at VU University Amsterdam during the 2009-2010 academic year. Continue reading

Studying MSc Business Administration at VU was my Destiny!

On the balcony of my lovely university with the view on the Zuidas

On the balcony of my lovely university with the view on the Zuidas

Why did I choose to study in the Netherlands?

During my studies at the Saint-Petersburg State University of Film and Television I was already a proactive and ambitious student, but I wanted something more in my life. Driven by the desire to develop myself and realize my potential, I have decided to apply for a master programme in the Netherlands. I felt that this is the right country for me to reach my goals. Getting to know Dutch people, visiting this country and starting learning Dutch at the Netherlands Institute in Saint-Petersburg made me completely fall in love with this country, its culture and its people. Continue reading

Studying MSc Business Administration has changed my life

A. SamarinaA study in a foreign country will not only upgrade your CV but will give you a unique, time-of-your-life experience. It is intimidating but at the same time absolutely and utterly fantastic. On my plane “St. Petersburg-Amsterdam” I couldn’t even imagine how much difference one year Master program at the VU would make to my life. I’ve chosen the Netherlands because it’s well-known for the high education standards. Continue reading

It was the right choice for me

Hi, I am a Master’s student of Business Administration with specialization in Management Consulting, at FEWEB. After I finished my Masters in Urban and Regional planning at Berlin University of Technology, quite different I know, I had the strong desire to obtain a more Business related studies. With Urban planning or Architecture, you are always put in a ‘box’, that is how I felt at least, and thus it was not an option for me. When I looked for study programs in the Netherlands, the one at VU University Amsterdam was the most appealing. Additionally, the outstanding service and support of the Faculty’s International office supported me even more in my decision to study at VU. Continue reading