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VU International Office, Faculty’s Career Services and Alumni Relations offer various services for both bachelor and master, Dutch and International, students in order to assist their career development. Our aim is to organize events, such as Career events, workshops, or guest lectures, allowing students to meet different industries, to apply their knowledge on real-life problems and to meet a potential employer.

Added value
Over the past 10 years, the job market has changed dramatically as a result of the economic climate. Finding a job after graduation is more challenging. Competition is fierce, and recruiters inform us that obtaining a diploma is not enough nowadays. Extracurricular activities steer the skill differentiation among candidates, and provide a better positioning on the job market after graduation. The chance of finding a job within 3 months after graduation will increases considerably.

Our services aim to bridge academic excellence with practical relevance, putting therefore the curricular activities into different perspective. As a result, our students become more familiar with real-life business cases and with the requirements of the constantly fluctuating job market. In return, corporate partners have the possibility to get acquainted with talented students in the bachelor and master level via the possibility to engage in various research projects and career development events.

Social networks increasingly represent an important tool for professionals who are seeking work and for employers in the hunt for skilled labor. LinkedIn is a major social network geared specifically for the job candidates professional relationship options. Be smart and already open an account! However, it is not enough just to open an account. Properly managing the profile settings is essential and makes all the difference for companies to be able to find your profile. Check out the TOP 5 LinkedIn tips listed by consulting specialists at our post Top 5 LinkedIn tips.

Alumni Relations
The data in the VU alumni directory are subject to the stipulations of the Personal Data Protection Act. This data will only be used for VU University alumni events and activities and will not be provided to third parties.

For more information please contact Alumni Relations:

T: +31 20 59 85665

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