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VU Amsterdam is looking for students to run their student blog!

VU Amsterdam is looking for students to run their student blog! Are you looking for a way to show your talents to the world, share your experience of being a student at VU Amsterdam and get to know new people all at the same time? Then keep reading:

The VU International Office is looking for motivated & enthusiastic students that can run our VU student blog together and create a digital space where the world can find out what it’s really like to be a student in Amsterdam. We aim to start with this new team from mid-January.

The current blog ‘study in Amsterdam’ needs a rebuild and hopefully you will be part of the team to do this.

What are we looking for?

– 3 writers;
– 1 photographer; and
– 1 videographer (vlogger).

One of the above people will also be appointed as the Head Editor.

Do note, you can also combine skills, some writers can take a good shot and vice versa. The positions will be filled with a flexible approach.

We aim for 4 articles including 1 vlog per month. As the work is divided amongst 5 people, you should not have to spend more than 5 hours a month on this.

What’s in it for you?

Although this doesn’t concern paid positions, there’s a lot for you to gain from this experience:
– You’ll have a platform (VU Social Media, Advalvas Magazine, etc.) with a reach of thousands of people that will see your work;
– Get guidance and learn from a professional editorial team;
– The experience will obviously be an interesting addition to your CV;
– This will be a great network / social experience;
– We will supply you with an official certificate after having completed your time with us and we can serve as a reference for future job / study applications.

The application assignments

If you want to be part of our team then please pick one of the following assignments, or mix ‘n match:


1. Writer’s assignment:
Write around 400-500 words about an ‘odd’ experience or ‘strange encounter’ you’ve had during your studies here in Amsterdam.


2. Vlogger’s assignment:
Go on to the streets and get non-Dutch speakers to pronounce the name ‘Vrije Universiteit’. The video should be more or less 1 minute in length.

3. Photographer’s assignment:
Send in up to 5 images that you’ve shot of your favourite place(s) on campus.

4. Additional assignment for ALL:
As you can see we already have an existing blog Please write down 3 ideas on how you would improve this blog.

In our selection we look for the most original, well written, well edited visual and/or written stories.

There’s a few rules we need to point out

– The contest is intended for VU University students only, with a valid registration for academic year 2016/2017; any VU student is welcome although we do want students to have an international background / experience (exchange, semester in Amsterdam, Bachelor, etc. etc. )
– All footage needs to be recorded, edited and collected by yourself;
– You have until January 15th 2017 to submit your work to: Given the size of your files, please make sure to use WeTransfer to send us your masterpieces;
– We do not accept video material that is in any way inappropriate, discriminatory and/or offensive;
– Your videos will be evaluated by a recruitment team consisting of 1 student and 2 VU staff members.
– By submitting your video / written work / photo’s you are agreeing to the possibility of your material being used for promotional activities organized by VU University, our social media channels such as Facebook and YouTube and presentations on studying abroad.

Ready? Set? Go!

Why Study at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Our current students know what makes VU University an inspiring and challeging university to pursue your bachelor, master or exchange studies. Curious to hear their opinion about the lectures offered, the services we provide to international students ánd what makes Amsterdam such a great city to study? We strongly suggest that you check out this video:

The Punishment Wars

The Punishment Wars!

Check out this inspirational inaugural lecture from Toby Kiers who was appointed University Research Chair at our university this year.

toby kiers

Her research focuses on the evolution of deceit in nature. How organisms like bacteria and fungi developed clever strategies to punish their cheaters and most importantly – how we can learn from them.

Well, this is different: My first 30 days on student exchange

VU Campus

VU Campus

Ted Flett, one of our exchange students, wrote a column in Canadian Lawyer Magazine on his first 30 days in Amsterdam.

“Well, this is different,” I think to myself, straddling my bike waiting for the bicycle lane traffic signal to cross over one of Amsterdam’s many canals on my way to class.”
Get the whole article here:

Higher Education in The Netherlands: Setting a new benchmark for International Students

Café Dissensus

By Laura Smit 

Why study in the Netherlands

In November last year, I was given the chance to visit 5 cities in India to represent the Dutch University I work for: VU University Amsterdam, at a number of QS World Grad School Tour education fairs. One of these cities was New Delhi and there I met this issue’s Guest Editor, Rajdeep Guha, who requested me to write an article on higher studies opportunities in the Netherlands.

After having looked at Cafe Dissensus publications, I realize that having been offered this opportunity is in fact an honor and so, let me not waste more words on this intro and start telling you first about my country the Netherlands, its educational system, the opportunities it offers to young scholars from all parts of the world and finally, give you some tips and tricks on how to be given one…

View original post 1,472 more words

The Festive Season in Amsterdam

Many international students go home to visit their family in friends during the festive season. However, some make sure they have a chance to enjoy at least a little of what Amsterdam has to offer at this time of year. From checking out the magnificent Christmas tree on Dam Square, visiting the Christmas markets and of course, ice skating on one of Amsterdam’s famous squares!

I Amsterdam has compiled a wonderful top 12 tip list from which to choose.

But, what’s is definitely worth staying in Amsterdam for will be New Year’s Eve! Why? Well, here’s our very own top 3 reason:

1. Fireworks – To scare away ‘bad demons’, we set off the fireworks. And honestly, we can promise, you’ve never seen as many fireworks in your life. If you have sensitive ears, wear your earplugs. It goes on for around 3 hours in a row.

Firework in Amsterdam

Firework in Amsterdam

2. Oliebollen and Appelflappen – Delicious hole-free doughnuts coated in icing sugar and wonderful apple fritters which do come with holes!

Oliebollen and Appelflappen

Oliebollen and Appelflappen

3. The Parties – All night long and too many to choose from.

Awakenings New Year Eve party 2014

Awakenings New Year Eve party 2014

But, whatever you choose to do – we wish you the best holiday season ever and a very happy 2015!

The International Student Barometer – A student’s opinion does count!

Your views count!

Your views count!

VU University Amsterdam always works on improving services for students to make sure you are having an amazing international learning experience. Student views about VU are therefore very important to us. The International Student Barometer (ISB) is a worldwide online survey that assists us in finding out what we’re doing things right and where we can make improvements. And of course it gives students the chance to tell us what they really think.

What improvements have we made already?
One of the elements we have improved at VU, based on student views, are our Career Services. VU University has already invested in Career Services for a few of years now. However, due to the current economic climate we noticed that students need and expect more support from us and would like to gain more in depth information to make solid career plans. By renewing our Career Strategy and developing more activities in this field, we hope to meet your wishes. So, what’s new:

Upcoming Career Events:

ITEA - The Amsterdam Career Event

ITEA – The Amsterdam Career Event

November: Zuidas Business Tour
The unique opportunity to have a look into our own backyard where academics and business meet; The Zuidas.

January: Business Exposure Event
One or two successful international companies will present themselves at VU and you get the chance to meet your future employer.

January – March: Workshops on CV writing and Interview training
Learn how to write a CV for a Dutch company and how to prepare for upcoming job interviews.

April: International Talent Event Amsterdam
A full day of workshops, presentations and a job fair.

Soon more information to be found on our Facebook Page.

How can students help us improve our services (and at the same time create a chance to win some great goodies / 1000 euro’s in cash?)
As stated earlier, our student’s views really do count! So, if you are a VU student, please take the time to fill out the ISB questionnaire you received per email last week, and will receive again next week. To thank you for helping us, a €1000,- cash prize will be given away amongst respondents worldwide. VU University also gives away an IPhone and two VU Bikes amongst VU respondents. The prize winners of the Iphone and the VU bikes will be announced during the ‘borrel’ on the 18th of December. The official invitation for this gathering will be sent soon.

Please, keep in mind you have until Friday the 5th of December to fill out the survey (and win those prizes!).

We are very much looking forward to meeting you – at the ‘borrel’ and during one of our Career Activities in 2015!