The Green Student Bootcamp: A student approach to sustainability


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Since I moved in Amsterdam last year, I was extremely surprised by the importance of sustainability and all the green initiatives that this city offers. I decided that I wanted to become part of this sustainability movement and I joined the Green Student Bootcamp Challenge. This was a 12-week program aimed to promote healthier lifestyle choices, to help students live more sustainably and put theory into practice. The Bootcamp was organised by the Green Living Lab (GLL).

The GLL is an initiative of Aveen Colgan. It is a project aimed to increase students’ contact with nature in their everyday environments (find more info about their projects in the GLL facebook page) I was in love with this place from the beginning! This was our place for meeting during the 12-week program.


Here you can read my experience in the Bootcamp!

I decided to join the Green Student Bootcamp because I have always been interested in learning how to achieve a healthy lifestyle. I also wanted to learn more about sustainability and how I could apply it in my daily life. I was curious to learn that our daily choices directly influence our well-being, quality of life, happiness, and our general physical and psychological health.


Every Friday we met in the Green Living Lab (GLL). We attended workshops and lectures by experts, met individuals and organisations focused on making positive contributions to society, we debated, we cooked, we danced, we laughed and we spent time in nature. Some of the sessions involved practical activities while others were more theory-based. We learned about organic gardening, plants, how to grow our own food, how to cook healthy vegan food, how we can compost our kitchen waste at home and we shared our experiences so we could learn from each other.

I learned how to be a healthy student and how to make healthier choices in my daily life. I was given the resources to build a happy-healthy-active lifestyle. I really enjoyed meeting and learning with the people from the bootcamp. It was really nice to meet people with similar ideas and interests. It was a learning experience. I feel we learned from each other. Moreover, I realise the importance of spending time in nature. Sometimes in big cities such as as Amsterdam people forget about the importance of green areas, and how this influences their health.

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After the 12-week program we had a graduation party. It was amazing! It was a great experience for me. Sometimes, when you study abroad you might feel lonely. I am really grateful for all the people that I met during the bootcamp. Now I am still helping in the GLL as a volunteer. I would like to thank all of you for making this possible. Aveen, I love you strength, your patience, and how you can make everyone feel comfortable. Thank you to all of the GLL team for making this possible.

This year the Green Living Lab is making a new program about how we can all work together to have a positive impact on our environment and local economy by composting food waste to make compost for local food production. The course also covers healthy lifestyle choices, how to prevent food waste and a vegan cooking lesson. Here you can find more information. There is still time to take part ! Here you can find more information or just contact and let them know you would like to join in. it is 100% recommended!



I wish I could share my whole experience with you. I you want to know more about it, you can contact me on:

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