The Festive Season in Amsterdam

Many international students go home to visit their family in friends during the festive season. However, some make sure they have a chance to enjoy at least a little of what Amsterdam has to offer at this time of year. From checking out the magnificent Christmas tree on Dam Square, visiting the Christmas markets and of course, ice skating on one of Amsterdam’s famous squares!

I Amsterdam has compiled a wonderful top 12 tip list from which to choose.

But, what’s is definitely worth staying in Amsterdam for will be New Year’s Eve! Why? Well, here’s our very own top 3 reason:

1. Fireworks – To scare away ‘bad demons’, we set off the fireworks. And honestly, we can promise, you’ve never seen as many fireworks in your life. If you have sensitive ears, wear your earplugs. It goes on for around 3 hours in a row.

Firework in Amsterdam

Firework in Amsterdam

2. Oliebollen and Appelflappen – Delicious hole-free doughnuts coated in icing sugar and wonderful apple fritters which do come with holes!

Oliebollen and Appelflappen

Oliebollen and Appelflappen

3. The Parties – All night long and too many to choose from.

Awakenings New Year Eve party 2014

Awakenings New Year Eve party 2014

But, whatever you choose to do – we wish you the best holiday season ever and a very happy 2015!

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