VU delegation visited South Korea and China

From 21 to 28 September a VU delegation headed by René Smit visited South Korea and China. The mission was part of a broad Amsterdam delegation.

In South Korea, the delegation visited five universities ( KAIST , Sogang , Seoul National University , Korea University , Yonsei ) and the company Saltlux . With KAIST ( top 100 university ) a memorandum of understanding ( MoU ) has been prepared for research cooperation in the IT field , after which student exchange can follow . With Korea University ( top 200 ) , the existing contract has been extended to a VU broad level . During a ” study and work in Amsterdam” seminar over 200 enthusiastic Korean students were informed on studying at VU.

In China VU organized seminars with the research themes work, care & welfare , entrepreneurship , religion & cohesion and smart cities. With the main VU partner in China , Renmin University , an agreement was signed for a minor on Contemporary China Studies for VU students . The delegation was particularly pleased with the signing of a university-wide MoU with Beijing University of Technology and the success of the ICT Smart City seminar, organized with Amsterdam for Chinese ICT companies wishing to establish themselves in Europe. The visits of Law and Computer Science to Tsinghua University (China’s best university) were also very successful , and are expected to result in two exchange agreements .

On the photo : visit to new partner Beijing Tech.


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