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Silicon Valley veteran and others praises Amsterdam’s start-up scene!

I amsterdam
7 Feb 2013 – Source:

According to serial entrepreneur and Silicon Valley veteran Dan Harple, Amsterdam is a hotspot for internet start-ups. In an interview earlier this year with the Dutch newspaper Het Financiele Dagblad (in Dutch) he describes the start-up scene in Amsterdam as “cutting edge” and “state of the art”, even going so far as to say that in comparison with Berlin and London, Amsterdam “rocks”.

Vibrant start-up hub

Harper is not the first entrepreneur from the US to have declared that Amsterdam is a vibrant start-up hub. During a visit to the city in March 2012, Dom Sagolla, one of the co-founders of Twitter, praised Amsterdam for creating a great culture for app makers. He noted the excellent ecosystem for software development in Amsterdam, mentioning the weekly networking opportunities, great contacts with Silicon Valley, the lifestyle of cycling and the fearlessness of developers here.

Best place to launch a company

In a recent report by Startup Genome, Amsterdam was identified as one of the ‘runner-up cities’ for the best places in the world for start-ups. The report lists top locations that provide the best ecosystem for launching new businesses. Another key example is that app makers from all over the world come to Amsterdam to develop new apps. In an article in the Holland Herald, Mike Lee, the founder of Appsterdam, estimated that around 200 international app developers have settled in Amsterdam.

Lee has also previously noted that for software developers, Amsterdam is the perfect alternative to Silicon Valley. As well as providing a great quality of living, the city remains affordable. Moreover, the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is home to a very well developed creative industry and has an excellent digital infrastructure that draws many ICT firms to the area.

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