Masterclass Successful Career Management for our International Students was a success!

300px-WTCAmsterdam2On Friday May 24th, the Office of Career Services hosted a Masterclass for international students in collaboration with the International Office. The Masterclass was part of the event ‘Get Ready For A Dutch Career’, which took place at the WTC Building at the ZuidAs. For this Masterclass, the Office of Career Services had invited five international alumni from the Graduate School of Economics and Business to explain their path to a career in The Netherlands. After a brief introduction, each of the alumni presented themselves, where they are currently working, and what steps they took to come to the point they are now. Also, they gave the students some practical tips regarding looking for a job, as well as tips for during the application process. After the presentations, the students were asked to choose an alumnus for the meet&greet. During the meet&greet, a group of 10 students were able to ask one alumnus all the questions they had about the Dutch job market, succeeding in finding a job, an all of the information they wanted to have to ‘get ready for a Dutch career’. Judging by the fact that we were able to welcome more than 40 students of GSEB and the meet&greet continued until the very last minute, we can look back at a successful Masterclass! Thank you all for participating! We are looking forward to organize a Masterclass again for our New Talents of 2013-2014!

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