My experience: VU & Amsterdam

Eduardo Elizondo at Kimberly-Clark May 2013Going to Amsterdam
My name is Eduardo Rogelio Elizondo; I was born in Mexico and studied my bachelor’s degree in the US. I studied an MSc in Business Administration, with a specialization in Management Consulting, at VU University Amsterdam during the 2009-2010 academic year.

I decided to study in the Netherlands due to several reasons. First, my previous study abroad experience in the country. I studied at The Hague for a year, and I loved the experience.

Another reason was the country’s good educational system and the good reputation of its universities. This reason is important because I was looking for something that could help boost my professional career. After scanning and doing research of Dutch universities, programs (in English), cities, and rankings; I decided I wanted to study at VU University Amsterdam.

My VU experience, enriching
Living in Amsterdam is great. What I always tell people is that Amsterdam has all the advantages of being the most important city of a country without being a gigantic metropolis.

First of all, it is just beautiful. It has all kinds of activities and infrastructure. It has everything: museums, parks, good nightlife, restaurants, sports events, concerts, festivals, etc. It is a clean city; has a good transportation system; everything is close (walking distance), and even more by using bike. Amsterdam is cosmopolitan, very international, young, and full of life. I could list a thousand more positive things about the city; but is there anything negative? The weather. It is rainy, gray and cold great part of the year. Nothing is perfect!

Regarding VU University, I have only good thoughts and experiences. I could study at VU due to the VU Fellowship Programme (VUFP) Scholarship. I was advised and supervised during the whole visa application and all bureaucracy involved before entering the Netherlands. Once there, I was always helped immediately at the beginning of the process of getting started at VU. This university is very academic, and the way it works is very challenging. It was by far the most difficult educational challenge I’ve ever faced. I learned to work in a different way: more precise, more rigorous, more demanding. It has great infrastructure and installations.

It is strategically located in the south of Amsterdam, where the business buzz is found. It has English programs which allow international students enroll in them, creating an international environment.

The outcome?
I got to meet great and interesting people from all over the world. I met students, professors, business directors, researchers, etc. I made a good group of friends which I remember with affection. I learned a lot about myself and I lived experiences that I wouldn’t had been able to live in other places.

Professionally it was important in my life too. I got a Master’s degree, which improved my education. I can see the results. I am currently living in Madrid doing a graduate program at Kimberly-Clark Corporation as a Business Analyst, and I previously worked as an External Auditor at Deloitte.

Overall, I am very satisfied. I strongly recommend people to come and study at VU, and live/enjoy Amsterdam.

Eduardo Rogelio Elizondo Ramírez
Business Analyst at Kimberly-Clark, Madrid

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