FEWEB Educational Awards: Best Student and Best Lecturer 2013

Poster Onderwijsprijs incl namenThe Faculty of Economics and Business Administration will present the ‘FEWEB Best Student Award 2013’ and the ‘Best Lecturer Award 2013’ at the Educational Awards Ceremony on 24 April 2013. The top 4 nominees for the Best Student Award (including one international Master’s student from Bulgaria) are:

  • Claire Davidson
  • Loek Janssen
  • Sylvia de Jong
  • Diana Kovacheva

This award for the multi-talented is part of the Faculty’s policy to reward special achievements, not just of lecturers and researchers but also of students. The award consists of an award certificate and completely covered (totaling over € 3000) participation to one of the summer schools of the London School of Economics, one of Europe’s top schools in the field of economics and business. So, in the event you yourself belong to the multi-talented or in the event you know someone who does, nominate yourself or him/her for the award!

Nominees will be judged against the following set of criteria:

  • Study achievements: number of ec’s, marks, number of retakes
  • Involvement in the Faculty and/or in teaching programmes, witnessed by active participation in lectures and working groups, membership of boards, committee work and the like
  • Special achievements, e.g. awards, publications, sports achievements
  • Societal involvement, witnessed by board memberships and/or other activities for the larger interest of society

Nominees do not need to have credits on all criteria but do need evidence of being multitalented by excelling on at least two of them. Achievements must have been made while studying at a university.

The assessment of nominees will be done by a committee, specifically established for the FEWEB Best Student Award. The committee will have interviews with the shortlisted nominees and will thereupon decide who the winner of the FEWEB Best Student Award 2013 will be.

Presentation of the award
The presentation of the award is scheduled for 24 April 2013 during the Educational Awards Ceremony, which also features the presentation of the award for the best lecturer. The top 3 nominees for the Best Lecturer Award are:

Best lecturer 2013 Dullaert Wout Dullaert
Best lecturer 2013 Flikkema Meindert Flikkema
Best lecturer 2013 Frambach Ruud Frambach

Poster Onderwijsprijs incl namen


One thought on “FEWEB Educational Awards: Best Student and Best Lecturer 2013

  1. On Wednesday 24 April the FEWEB educational awards ceremony 2013, organized by the FEWEB student council, took place in Agora. Wout Dullaert received the Best Lecturer Award 2013 and Loek Janssen was presented the Best Student Award 2013. We congratulate both of them with winning these awards after having had fierce competition of other nominees. Wout will now be nominated for VU’s best lecturer award. Read more about the award show and the winners Wout Dullaert en Loek Janssen. Read more at http://www.feweb.vu.nl/nl/nieuws-agenda/nieuwsarchief/2012-2013/Wout-Dullaert-and-Loek-Janssen-winners-Educational-Awards-2012-2013.asp.

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