VU Fellowship Career Training

On February 19th the FEWEB Office of Career Services hosted a “CV and motivation letter” workshop and an “elevator pitch” training, in coproduction with the VU International Office. The event was especially organized for VU Fellowship students to help them take their first steps onto the Dutch job market.

During the workshop students received personalized feedback on their CV’s and motivation letters from professionals. Before the event, students were asked to draft a CV and motivation letter for one of the three fictive vacancies, representing three different job profiles. The goal of the workshop was to improve general writing skills. It is of a high importance since a good, convincing style is the first step toward the interview. The winners of the best CV and motivation letter won a prize. During the Elevator Pitch training students were asked to do a personal pitch in two minutes time, while convincing the jury members that they were the perfect candidate for a fictive position. The goal of the exercise was to improve the presentation skill for job interviews and assessments. Each pitch received personal feedback from the trainers and the audience. The student with the best pitch won a prize as well.

The event was formally closed by thanking our special guests from business. They received a small token of gratitude for their time and participation. We hope all students look back on the event with as much enthusiasm as we do!

Are you a FEWEB student and have you missed this workshop, but still interested in (free) career advice? Please contact the FEWEB Office of Career Services and Alumni Relations via for an appointment. Office hours are every week on Tue and Thu @12.45-13.30 hrs in 5A30 (no reservation required).

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