Studying MSc Business Administration has changed my life

A. SamarinaA study in a foreign country will not only upgrade your CV but will give you a unique, time-of-your-life experience. It is intimidating but at the same time absolutely and utterly fantastic. On my plane “St. Petersburg-Amsterdam” I couldn’t even imagine how much difference one year Master program at the VU would make to my life. I’ve chosen the Netherlands because it’s well-known for the high education standards.

VU University Amsterdam immediately caught my eye thanks to a wide variety of programmes and the thoroughly selected advanced and specialized courses filling each programme. Later I was very pleased to find out that the University is very organized and helps foreign students enormously to move to the new country and adapt to their new environment.

After a perfectly planned introduction week my Master’s programme started and from day one the pace of the study was intense. You learn a lot and you will put everything what you’ve just learned into practice. I love Russian theoretical approach to knowledge development and studying, but it was absolutely great to experience and apply the Dutch approach of putting theory into practice. After being graduated from two universities, one in Russia and one in the Netherlands, I know that my knowledge is very extensive and that I am able to work in different environments, including understand people with diverse backgrounds. It’s a perfect basis for a successful career in Russia or/and in Europe.

While studying at VU University Amsterdam I’ve gained not only professional experience but a priceless personal experience. I have met people from around the world, many of whom became my dearest friends. I’ve dived into the Dutch culture and I’ve learned so much from the friendly, open-minded, easy-going Dutch people.

After finishing the MSc in Business Administration at VU, within the shortest time period I was able to find a marketing and sales position for a Dutch aluminium construction company supplying helidecks to the oil and gas industry. I had a wide range of responsibilities, from the execution of the marketing plan and campaigns to supporting the sales on the Russian market. At the moment I still work in the field of marketing but in a different sector where I always wanted to try myself in. The knowledge I’ve received at VU University Amsterdam were beyond helpful in establishing and developing my career.

All in all it was an unforgettable, unique, fun experience which has positively changed me and my life!

Alexandra Samarina
Graduate MSc Business Administration, Management Studies

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