Studying MSc Marketing at the VU – The road to success

WindmillsAfter finishing my Bachelor degree in “European Business Programme” in Münster (GER) and Portsmouth (UK) in 2010, I decided to undertake an international Master in Marketing. However, the search for an appropriate Master programme wasn’t easy. Through a recommendation I finally found the Marketing programme of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, which seemed to be excellent from an academic point of view. It turned out to be true. It was an intense one-year programme giving the students insights into consumer behavior, business models and academic research. The professors provided us with state of the art academic techniques and knowledge, which proved to be very helpful during my job search and current profession.

In hindsight it was a successful and exciting year in the heart of Amsterdam. The VU is a university that provides you with great career prospects and is situated in a European city worth exploring. I appreciated the individual support and consulting from the professors and the small practical seminars. The effort we put into academic related case studies (“Fa” from Henkel e.g.) definitely paid off. My group and I were lucky to receive the first price in a business challenge in Consumer Marketing.

During the year I met a lot of amazing, clever and fun people from all over the world. A group of my international friends still meets once a year for a reunion – our next reunion will take place in Berlin.

After my studies in 2011 and a short trip to China I went back to Berlin and applied for a Management position in Online Marketing. With some luck I found a great job as a Junior Marketing Manager at Wine in Black (, a start-up company selling premium wine online. Not only the product is very attractive, but so are my position and the responsibilities that come with it. My main tasks involve Search Engine Advertising (SEM; Adverts on Google), Conversion rate Optimization and Business Intelligence. The tutorials in statistics during the Masters were definitely helpful for the early stages of my job. While learning for statistics, students usually don’t want to admit the usefulness of this field of study. However, in my case, it opened up new possibilities.

Recently, the company expanded to the Netherlands. It is great and much fun working together with my Dutch colleagues. I can also keep up my knowledge and memories about the lovable Dutch culture.

Maybe those memories will make me return someday to the country of good cheese and remarkable artists…

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