7 Tips for Scientific Writing

Are you starting to think about your official Master’s thesis? Or maybe you are one of our alumni that continued with a Phd? And you don’t want to waste your time? Then maybe the 7 secret tips for Academic Writing of Elfriede Krauth, former Assistant Professor for the Course Business Processes at VU University Amsterdam, can help you out a bit and even make the difference.

Elfriede, founder of Riding the Information Wave, once wrote her PhD in the field of Behavioral Operations Management (Real-time planning support: a task-technology fit perspective). She experienced it herself how hard it was to deal with an information overload. She finally developed some tips to deal with the overall perfectionism needed for the writing of any kind of academic papers and the overload of information. Her approach is scientifically based among others on the deliberation-without-attention effect (Dijksterhuis et al., 2006), flow theory (Csikszent- mihalyi, 1990) and modern information processing principles for increasing effectiveness and efficiency (Allen, 2001). Her way of dealing can be seen as easy, user-friendly and it seems to deliver real results! Just check out the tips yourself at 7 Secrets to Scientific Writing. You can even check out the recommendations she received because of her work at her Public linkedin profile.

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