Multicultural attitudes and friendships with international students!

International students undertake a life changing endeavor that will change their lives. Recent studies (2010) from Christina T. Williams and Laura R. Johnson from the University of Mississippi, United States, found out that students with international friendships had higher scores on open-mindedness and lower scores on intercultural communication apprehension as others. They sought to understand the lack of cross-cultural social reciprocity from US students in particular at a mid-size Southern university known for its racial divisiveness. They “explored how students with and without international friendships differed on multicultural personality characteristics, intercultural attitudes, and multicultural experiences, such as participation in study abroad. Differences related to gender and membership in a sorority or fraternity were explored, as were amount of contact and closeness of the friendships”. Interesting to read….and hopefully it will motivate you and all others to put even more effort in getting to know that one person who is not from your home country. It will definitely enrich your life and broaden your vision of the world around you. Let’s get connected!

Why can’t we be friends?
Multicultural attitudes and friendships with international students

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