Studying at the VU – Finding a job in the Netherlands – Working in the Netherlands

My name is Sandra I studied at the VU Amsterdam a Master in Accounting and Control at FEWEB. In the meantime I graduated and work now for two months in the position of a Young Graduate Consultant at IBM Netherlands. But I´ll start from the beginning.

For me it was very clear from the beginning which kind of Master I wanted to obtain and also where I wanted to study. I chose the Netherlands and especially Amsterdam as it is a very international city with a lot of different cultures. From the moment I started my application, the GSEB International Office was always open for any questions I had and I felt never like I had to solve a problem on my own. Quite quickly my application got approved and I applied for student housing in Uilenstede and a German Study Loan. Also this was going very smoothly and so soon I had a flat and some money.

In the last week of August 2011 I moved to Amsterdam, when also the introduction week started. It is very crucial/important to participate. With a lot of people I met in the introduction week I am still great friends, so please don’t miss out on this one.

Studying in the Netherlands turned out to be quite different from Germany and also the University is huge. As soon as the period starts it is important to keep focus and to try not lose the overview as the semester only lasts 8 weeks and the modules are very intense. If you are used to a different kind of studying it might take a period to get used to the system. As I perceived the first half year as very study intensive with very little spare time it got better in the second half year of my Master degree.

When I started writing my Master Thesis I also realized that it was time to search for a job for after studies. The University tries to provide help in this field, but this didn’t really effectively help me. The job market in Amsterdam is quite hard, as a lot of students want to stay after their studies, so keeping the energy up and not losing hope is very important. When I was already close to giving up and on my way home I got a call from IBM and I was in…….so stay positive.

Looking back at my year at the VU I had a wonderful time and also Amsterdam provides a lot of opportunities to travel around Europe and the Netherlands, there is always something to see.

Long story short, with this blog entrance I want to offer my help to any new/old students of VU University Amsterdam, if it’s questions about studying in general, the Master`s degree or finding a job, I would be happy to help! Just reply to my post!

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11 thoughts on “Studying at the VU – Finding a job in the Netherlands – Working in the Netherlands

  1. Hi Sandra!

    My name is Linus and I currently live in California, USA working on my associate degree. I have recently come across knowing VU Amsterdam. It is so nice to hear that you have a great experience with the University and in the country. However, I’m still very concerned about the general atmosphere within the school and the surrounding areas. In addition to the intense studies, could you please possibly tell me a little more about other hardships that you have come across and possibly some advice?



    • Hey Linus,
      can you tell me what exactly you are concerned about?
      And also what exactly you need advice on 🙂

      Thanks and Regards

  2. Hi Sandra, tks for this post, It´s a very interesting one!
    My name is Federico and I´m from Uruguay, a small but nice country in Southamerica.
    I´ve recently been admitted at the VU Amsterdam, where I´m going for a MSc in Economics.
    I´m now planning my financial situation, and thought hearing from you could be of help. I have the EU citizenship, and count with own funds to live for 6 months without having to get a work and be able to adapt correctly to my new life.
    However, from then on I would need to get a part-time job and have therefore right to ask for student finance.
    What do you think about my situation? is working part time and studying do-able? I am a very disciplined person and have worked full time during a couple of years of my Bachelor, but a MSc is something different…
    How possible is it to get a part-time job in fact?
    I´m quite worried about these issues!!
    if you could help me with this telling me your ideas, I would fully appreciate it!!!
    Kind regards,

  3. Thank you for the article! It’s very nice! I am going to start studying at the VU University this year 🙂 And I am collecting thoughts and opinions about student’s experience connected with this place, as I want to be prepared for my studies. I have a question about the MA paper. When should I chose the topic? Should it be connected with my BA thesis?

    best regards,

  4. Hey Sandra,
    I’m also from Germany and will start to study at the VU in September. Could you maybe tell me which Loan you’ve chosen? Thanks in advance!
    Best regards,

    • Hey Jelka,
      i had the possibility to go for Bafoeg, so the german study loan.
      Money was quite tight for the time there, but i survived 😉
      It is also possible to get a dutch loan, for this one you need to work part-time, but you get free public transport.
      I hope this helps, if you have further questions dont hesitate.
      Cheers Sandra

  5. I am just looking for scholarships abroad and I am very glad if I am able to get sponsership for my great desire.


    Lijalem Dagnaw from Ethiopia

  6. Hey Sandra,
    very encouraging blog! I am currently doing my master in Financial Management and wanted to ask you for some hints where to search for related jobs. I came up with some websites via google, but I dont think they are very graduate-level oriented? if you can give me some advise? and also when approximately did you bedin looking for a job: may-june or?


    • Hey Diana, well for me really googling made the trick,

      also linkedin is a great source to look for jobs ans also to keep your cv up to date.
      I started actively looking in the beginning of May

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