TOP 5 LinkedIn tips listed by consulting specialists

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Social networks increasingly represent an important tool for professionals who are seeking work and for employers in the hunt for skilled labor.Social Networks Serve as an ally of the job candidate to draw the attention of companies trying to get a replacement, and to facilitate access to career opportunities that were previously hidden from the knowledge of most people looking for employment opportunities.

LinkedIn, is a major social network geared specifically for the job candidates professional relationship options. However, it is not enough just to open an account. You need to know how to better employ what it can offer to your job search.Properly managing the profile settings is essential and makes all the difference for companies to be able to find your profile, “according to many LinkedIn consulting specialists.

“Your LinkedIn profile is one of the ways in which potential employers can find you. One of the tips is to increase the chances of your name appearing at the top of Internet search results. To do so, you need to customize the URL of your profile, by putting your first and last name together as one word. For example, “LucasMarchesini”.

It is also very important that the public profile of the LinkedIn user is visible to everyone. One can make sure of this by positioning your curser over your name right at the top of the homepage and or, by making the appropriate changes in the settings.Participating in discussion groups such as Jobs IT is also very helpful. Besides verifying opportunities, you can exchange information with other professionals.

Below are the TOP 5 LinkedIn tips listed by consulting specialists

1 – Highlight your professional skills: Be sure to fill out the resume and experience sections of your profile. People with at least one professional experience have reported been 12 times more likely to have overlooked potential opportunities.

Include keywords and phrases that employers can look at in your profile description. Add your skills, and be sure to insert a picture. Professional photos are seven times more likely to be seen, and be sure to get recommendations from at least three people as part of the completion of your profile.

2 – Be open to opportunities: Within the “Settings” go to “Email Preferences”, then “Select the type of message you’d like to receive” and make sure it has indicated you are interested in “Career Opportunities “in” Query of employment “and that you would like to receive” Presentations, and InMail OpenLink messages from the network “from other LinkedIn members, so that they can contact you about potential opportunities. Your e-mail and phone number are available only to their contacts.

3 – Become a follower: The section “Business” then allows companies that are interested to follow you back. When you follow a business on LinkedIn, stay abreast of their innovations as new hires, promotions, changes in the company, and even job opportunities. Follow companies that you would love to work for and you will start to see these updates on your homepage when you access LinkedIn.

To follow a business simply click “Business” at the top of the page and type the company name, keyword or industry you’re interested. When you find the company, pass the cursor over the option that appears on the right “To follow the company.” Then just click it.While on the company page, you will be able to see if anyone in your network works in the company or if you might know someone there.

4 – Stay active: There are many things you can do on LinkedIn, which will help in finding your new job. You must be proactive using the network in order to succeed. It is important to build a LinkedIn profile and ensure you are connected to at least 50 people you know and trust. But if you only visit the site to respond to messages or connection requests, then you’re losing all that the network can offer.

In order to be easily remembered, network with recruiters and those responsible for hiring in your area, so when good opportunities arise on their desks you will be fresh in their memory. You can do this through the “Advanced Search People”, click the topic of “recruiter” or HR manager, “or other related positions, and you can also restrict the search area.

5 – Tell your trusted contacts who are looking for work: Let your network be your eyes and ears. Alert your contacts through periodic status updates or send private messages to former colleagues and bosses you trust with personalized messages, advising them on what types of positions interest you. Keep in mind that your contacts can only help you get a job if you tell them what you are looking for.

Be realistic patient and stay positive. Many people want results right here and now. Changing careers takes time, so be prepared mentally for it.

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