Dinalog funding secured for E-commerce logistics project

VU researchers Sander de Leeuw, Jeroen van den Berg, Jaap Boter and Hester van Herk (FEWEB) and Sandjai Bhulai (FEW) have secured funding for a project on e-commerce logistics from the Dutch Institute for Advanced Logistics (Dinalog).

Together with a consortium of 13 organizations they will collaborate in a project entitled ‘Competitive Advantage through e-Commerce Logistics (CATeLOG)’. The project is performed together with the University of Twente (Prof. Jos van Hillegersberg and Dr. Maria Eugenia Iacob). The total project size is €2 million.

Dinalog was founded in 2009 to maintain a leading position in logistics and supply chain management in the Netherlands. CATeLOG is the first project funded by Dinalog with FEWEB as a project lead. Three PhD students will perform research in the areas of e-commerce customer service strategies, multi-channel assortment strategies and information architectures for order to delivery management. The project will particularly focus on cross-border retail, supply chain integration and multi-channel retail. Project leader Sander de Leeuw: ‘Retailers show a strong drive to expand their business internationally and are looking for new logistics solutions. Also the EU has set explicit targets for growth in online cross-border sales. There are many unknowns in this area and the Netherlands is ideally positioned to support cross-border sales logistically but also for example financially’.

Well-known organizations involved in CATeLOG include amongst others PostNL, Bijenkorf, VDS fulfillment, Nic Oud, Coolcat, Blokker Holding, WDM and E-ways. The project duration is four years.

via Dinalog funding secured for E-commerce logistics project – 2012-2013 – Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.


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