21 Job Apps for New Graduates

Just throw your Smartphone or tablet into your backpack and go, knowing these 20 apps have all your job hunting needs covered“. Best Colleges Online presents a useful summary of the 20 best apps for job searcher graduates. I just want to share this list with you because, once you are in the final stage of your Master’s studies, you will start looking for the next step to take….Nowadays it is quite easy to find your way around with all the websites for job search and the apps that have been developed for Smartphones and tablets. So just start exploring the web and don’t forget to look at the very useful summary of apps at bestcollegesonline.com. I just want to add one other useful app to the list and share some information with you on finding a career within Research and Education as well.

A career within Research and Education
For those who are pursuing a career within Research and Education, Academic Transfer is the joint job board of Dutch universities, university medical centers and research institutions. They developed an App together with Career.edu, the job board for researchers all over the world: The Academictranfer iPhone App. Here you can find the best Research positions, PhD, Postdoctoral, Associate, Assistant- and Full Professorships in a single stream. The majority of the job openings is focused on the Dutch research universities, the medical hospitals and research institutions.

If you are mainly interested in the PhD possibilities at VU University Amsterdam, just check out our webpage Working at VU University Amsterdam. VU University Amsterdam employs many researchers who are among the best in their respective fields at an international level. Our hall of fame includes top researchers who have received prestigious awards, grants, prizes and honorary appointments for their academic achievements during their time at VU University Amsterdam.

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