Proud to be a VU alumna

I’ve represented VU University Amsterdam at several university fairs and I have tried to inspire potential students with my stories. Back in the spring of 2008 I was looking for a Master program in consultancy at a good university, in an attractive city and in a country with many nice places to visit. Quite a few requirements, but I did find the best solution. It is exactly this solution I want to present to all the other students who have the same high requirements as me: VU University Amsterdam.

The Master of Business Administration has a great selection of topics and I could attend lectures together with a large group of students, but also participate in seminars while working in smaller groups. We took part in business cases, visited companies, worked on the red sofas while overlooking the Zuid-As skyscrapers that inspired us. Moreover, it’s the university where you can learn things from business people who are not just teaching but are really sharing their daily experiences.

VU University Amsterdam gathered students from around the world and made us mingle with the Dutch ones. There are many students’ associations which organize activities to bring us all together. VU University Amsterdam is the place where you make lifetime friends with different nationalities.

The Netherlands are so unique with its all-time story of being built under the sea level. You can either visit cheese known cities, walk in the harbors, stay on the beach, canal cruising and many other activities all around the country.

Amsterdam is that kind of city you can never hate even when it rains. It gives you the exact energy for the amazing night life and the moderate peace for the day light.

These are just few reasons why my Master’s life was amazing and I’ll always be happy to share more of my stories (just leave a reply!). I’m happy about the choice I’ve made and I’m grateful to be a VU alumna.

Andreea Cinzeaca (Romania)

4 thoughts on “Proud to be a VU alumna

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  3. Hi Paras,

    Nice to hear that you are interested in a Master program at VU, i think it’s a great choice even though i don’t have many insights about the financial management program you mentioned. But in this respect maybe other followers of this blog will provide you with their input.

    All master programs taught at VU are seen as high value programs based on the fact that the business/management/economics classes are ones of the best in the Netherlands. You did not mention the country where you come from and which countries you’d aim to work in. Anyhow, in my opinion, no matter where you’d like to work after pursuing a Master degree at VU you’ll have an advantage due to the very good Dutch system of teaching and due to the known professors (which are also business persons) who teach the courses.

    As for me, since the end of the Master program in Business Consultancy i have been working at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Romania where, after two years i reached the position of Senior Tax Consultant. So, based on my experience and my personal views, i highly recommend to try the Master program that you desire and VU is the best choice for that!!

    Hope my answers are helpful and i wish you good luck for a wise choice that suits your career desires!

    All the best,


  4. hello
    i am paras
    and i am thinking of pursuing MscBA in financial management from this university.
    can you please help me out how is this program value in netherlands and world wide for getting a job in goo companies?
    after your MscBA what are you doing right now?

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