Education Fair and Alumni Dinner in Vilnius

The Education Fair
Last weekend I travelled to Lithuania to promote the masters of VU University Amsterdam at the Education Fair in Vilnius, organized by the Holland Education Support Centre (HESC) of the Netherlands and Latvian Chamber of Commerce ( The fair was mainly aimed at promoting higher education opportunities in the Netherlands. It was the first time VU University Amsterdam went to Lithuania to promote their international programmes and its university. We decided to start promoting amongst the Lithuanian prospects as we experience an overall Excellency of the current and past Lithuanian students at our University.

We have talked to approximately 60 students that were specifically interested in studying at VU University Amsterdam. I was very impressed with the students — they were very articulate, asked all the right questions and overall quality of the students was excellent. I really hope to see them again this summer, once they will start studying at VU! The first education fair in Lithuania was a great success! Want to know where we are headed next? See the webpage MEETUS for the agenda.

Alumni Dinner
On Friday evening we invited some alumni to have dinner with us. We enjoyed talking to some alumni of the Graduate School of Economics and Business and were impressed by the way they all were able to find a job in Lithuania after their graduation. For us as university it is important to prepare our graduates for the job market. Our programmes are academic and provide the student with rigorous academic training and acquaint him or her with state-of-the-art theoretical background. Upon successful completion of the programme, the student will have obtained specialist knowledge in the area of the study programme and will be prepared and be ready to face the job market. As a GSEB graduate, you are likely to find a suitable job very quickly but there are always economic and political factors that influence the job market at the time you graduate. Then it is nice to hear that our alumni are still able to find a job so quickly. I hope to meet them again next year during my second promotion tour to Vilnius.


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