Social networking starts on your plane to Amsterdam!

Do you want to learn more about the Dutch culture and how to work or study in the Netherlands? Just a small hint, it is all about networking. Even the airlines are starting to create services for their passengers to network, even on your trip to Amsterdam! The KLM Royal Dutch Airlines says it is the first airline to integrate social networking in its regular flight process!

KLM, Virgin Atlantic, and Malaysia Airlines all have fairly popular Facebook Pages. They have 1 million Likes, 130,000 Likes, and 460,000 Likes, respectively. The KLM’s Page exploded in popularity over the last few months, though it’s not clear if their newly launched “Meet & Seat” is the reason why.


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The faculty of Economics and Business Administration is fortunate to welcome many international students to its Master's programmes. My aim is to increase the international attractiveness of our education and to create the VU Experience!

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