The Glitz and Glamour of Europe: Miljonair Fair Amsterdam 2011

Ever wanted to know how the elite members of society live? Europe’s most exclusive event, the Miljonair Fair, is the perfect place to discover the gateway to the luxurious lifestyle. Having been invited to the VIP launch night of its tenth anniversary, I was fortunate enough to attend this evening full of entertainment, fine cuisine and all things extravagant. The location was the RAI Exhibition Centre in Amsterdam and the evening took place on the 8th of December. The exhibition open to the public which includes fashion shows hosted between 9-12 December. Luxury cars, yachts, villas, swimming pools and even space travel were among the numerous lavish goods being showcased by many of the top names of the national and international luxury industry. Australian supermodel Elle Macpherson commemorated the opening with a speech alongside founder Yves Gijrath, who I had the pleasure to meet during the evening.

Having started the Fair in 2001, Gijrath gave the small country of the Netherlands a luxury lifestyle boost by organizing the first event of this scale. In recent years the fair quadrupled in terms of size and number of visitors. In 2011 it is estimated around 55,000 visitors attended the fair. It’s most popular evening for visitors is undoubtedly ‘Business Monday’ which has entered the Guinness Book of Records as the largest networking event in the world due to a result of the 6000+ attendees. The event has also been known to act as a platform to the national launch of exclusive products which guarantees firms with high profile clients and skyrocketing demands of their products.

It is the one and only event of its kind in Europe and very much worth seeing if you have the opportunity. As the world’s most luxurious fair, it is paradise for shoppers who will be dazzle by the beautiful products on display, perhaps the price tags and catching a glimpse of a celebrity or two. If a night with free flow of champagne, exquisite cuisine, delicacies, top of the range products and glamorous entertainment rocks your boat, then Miljonair Fair is the event for you. Though for this year the event has come to a successful end, for those eager to get a taste for it may attend a similar event which is The Summer Fair in Amsterdam. The result of attending such an event is you experience a unique, exclusive and classy occasion which provides you with the richest experience possible and motivates you to work harder in life to be able to afford one or more of these luxurious in future.

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