Looking for a PhD?

At the following page you will find information about PhD applications at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration: http://www.feweb.vu.nl/en/research/phd-application/index.asp. You can also decide to go to one of the ProVU Science Café events organized by ProVu to get acquainted with the subject. Two PhD students will talk about their research (or something else) during the ProVU Science Cafe, which is organized every other month. After two informal talks of 18 min. max, there will of course be drinks! See the Science Cafe page for the detailed program.

Upcoming Science Cafe:
  • Tuesday, January 31st, 2011, 18:30

Once you are a PhD student you should definitely join ProVU, the PhD organization of the VU that represents all PhDs and Postdocs of the VU and VU University Medical Center (VUmc). ProVU is active in the Employees Council. They provide a community of fellow PhDs and Postdocs, and aim to build a social infrastructure for all researchers. They want to create a stimulating environment for PhDs and Postdocs during their time at the VU and VUmc. ProVU provides academic challenges and organizes different events. see more at www.provu.nl

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About wmaat

The faculty of Economics and Business Administration is fortunate to welcome many international students to its Master's programmes. My aim is to increase the international attractiveness of our education and to create the VU Experience!

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