HRM Master student Min-Jou Huang received NOBCO Thesis Award 2011

Master student Min-Jou Huang (MSc in Business Administration, specialization HRM received NOBCO Thesis Award 2011. She received a check of € 1.000 from the ‘Nederlandse Orde van Beroepscoaches’ during the NOBCO conference at Nyenrode on 22 September 2011. Thesis title: ‘A Qualitative Study into the Coach’s Two-Client Problem: How Do Coaches Reconcile the Difference of Needs and Expectations between the Coachee and the Sponsor?’ Supervisor: Dr. Svetlana Khapova Abstract: As one of the training and development tools that companies today use to pursue organizational innovation, adaptation and efficiency, coaching is suggested to be favored for its individualization and versatility. In this study, we intend to find out how coaches can link personal achievements of the coaches to the organizational performance demanded by the sponsor. Together with our 22 respondents, we identified 6 sources of problem arising from the coaching triangle, which we specifically defined as the ‘two-client problem’; and 10 strategies to cope with and further prevent those potential complications. While these findings are by no means novelty, our study can contribute to the discussion around the coaching triangle that is essential for a successful coaching in corporate context.


2 thoughts on “HRM Master student Min-Jou Huang received NOBCO Thesis Award 2011

  1. Thanks Wendy for sharing!
    Another news, I’m now getting in contact with the coaching organization in Taiwan. I might even be invited to join their yearly conference! Totally thrilled!

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